Remain, remainder

Use this domain for words related to the remainder of something--the part or amount of something that remains behind after the other parts have been taken away. Something can be left because everything else has been used or eaten, or everything else has been destroyed or burned.

Louw Nida Codes: 
63E Remnant
  • What words refer to something remaining?
    left, remain, be left over, survive, be still standing, to spare, to go, in hand,
  • What words refer to the remainder?
    the remains, remnants, leftovers, ruins, what is left of, what remains of, the rest, the remainder, the last of, residue,
  • What words refer to the bad part that remains after the good part has been taken?
    butt, dregs, leavings, offscourings, rags, scraps, sweepings,
  • What words refer to a very small part that remains?
    fragment, shadow, trace, vestige
  • What words describe something that remains?
    remaining, last, outstanding, spare, leftover, residual, surplus, surviving,