Numbered group

Use this domain for words related to a group of a particular number of things or people (solo, duo, trio; alone, in threes).

Louw Nida Codes: 
60G Pair, Group
  • What words refer to a group of a particular number?
    single, duo, duet, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, twosome, threesome, foursome, fortnight, decade, century, millennium, dozen, score, gross,
  • What words indicate that only one person does something?
    alone (adv), solo,
  • What words refer to a group of two?
    pair, couple, couplet, brace, dichotomy, deuce, dual, dyad, twain, yoke,
  • What words refer to a group of three?
    trilogy, trinity, triple, triumvirate, triune,
  • What words indicate that something is done in groups of a certain number?
    singly, one by one, two by two, three by three, by ones, by twos, by threes, in pairs, in threes, one at a time, two at a time, three at a time,
  • What words indicate that everyone is to get a certain number of something?
    one apiece, two apiece, three apiece, one each, two each, three each,