7.5.3 Mix

Use this domain for words related to mixing things together--to put two or more different kinds of substances, like liquids or cooking ingredients, together.

Louw Nida Codes: 
63C Mix
  • What words refer to someone mixing things together?
    mix, mix something with something, mix things together, add something to something, amalgamate, bring together, coalesce, combine, commingle, dilute, fuse, imbue, interlard, intermingle, intermix, join, jumble, lump, meld, merge, mingle, scramble, unification, unify, unite,
  • What words refer to things mixing together?
    amalgamate, blend, combine, commingle, fuse, intermix, meld, merge, merger, unite
  • What words refer to something being a mixture of other things?
    be a mixture of, combine, blend,
  • What words refer to stirring something so that it is mixed well?
    stir, stir up, stir together, beat, blend, knead, whisk,
  • What words refer to something made by mixing things together?
    mix (n), mixture, admixture, amalgam, assortment, blend (n), brew (n), combination, composite, compound, conglomerate, conglomeration, fusion, hodgepodge, intermixture, jumble, mess, miscellany, mishmash, patchwork, odds and ends, solution, a cross between,
  • What words describe something made by mixing things together?
    mixed, mixed up, amalgamated, assorted, blended, combined, composite, compounded, conglomerated, diluted, half-and-half, heterogeneous, intermixed, jumbled, mingled, miscellaneous, motley, scrambled, tangled, together, varied, variegated,
  • What tools and machines are used to mix things?
    mixer, blender, food processor, eggbeater,
  • What words refer to different things that do not mix well with each other?
    do not mix, incompatible, do not go well together,