Separate, scatter

Use this domain for words referring to separating things into groups, and scattering things. The basic idea of this domain involves a situation in which two or more things are together, and someone moves them so that they are no longer together.

Louw Nida Codes: 
63G Separate
15N Disperse, Scatter
  • What words refer to separating or scattering things?
    separate, separation, scatter, disperse, dispersion, dispersal, spread out, spray, move apart, move away from each other, put space between, to space (things), space out, place at intervals, divide, division, blow apart, distribute, sow, strew, sift
  • What words are used of separating people?
    separate fighting people, disperse troops
  • What words describe the condition of things when they are separated?
    separation, dispersion, dispersal, the spread of, division
  • What words refer to a group of things that have been separated?
    a scattering (of something), Diaspora
  • What words describe things that have been scattered?
    be scattered, thrown apart, resettled, thinly spread, spread out, far flung, flung, dispersed
  • What words refer to taking something away and putting it aside, separate from the others?
    set aside, put aside, separate from the others, keep separate, keep special, reserve, pull out